Best Value: 2 hour Pre-Test €50

Our driving school has it all and when we say has it all we mean everything. Some driving schools fall short on certain aspects of driving lessons whether its in the quality of the driving lessons or the standard of the type of pretest you get or perhaps the price of the driving lessons.

More Passes than Any Other Driving School

With us you’re sure to everything in such a way that you achieve only the best results. This means that the quality of your driving lessons will be unlike any other. We can safely say that because of what we have achieved in the past and what we’re still achieving. We get more passes per student than any other driving school in Dublin and even throughout Ireland.

The standard of our driving lessons is so high that no other driving school comes close to matching what we do and this is why we’re Dublin’s leading driving school. You don’t have to take our word for it because we have more than enough examples of what we do throughout our website and our social media coverage.

Media Attention

The have really caught the medias attention in what we are doing because they can appreciate exactly what we have done for the driving lesson industry. We have appeared on TV3, RTE, FM104, Radio Nova, Newstalk, The Irish Independent and a host of other media outlets. The amazing thing is is that we didn’t have to contact them, they came to us which shows how we’re leading the market at the moment and we will continue to do this into the foreseeable future.

What the media has seen in us is what makes us the driving school of choice for every learner driver in Dublin. We get results its that simple and we get only the best results at an over pass rate of 99%.

We get these kinds of results because we know how to teach and this includes driving lessons at such a high standard. Pretests that cover every aspect of the driving test so that when it comes to the driving test you have no problem in passing it.

Pretests That Ensure You Pass

You’re pretest driving lessons will be structured to what you know and what you don’t know. If you’ve been with us from a complete beginner then you will know everything that you need to know already because we treat all your driving lessons as pretests.

As you drive we make sure to point out every single last thing that you could get marked for in your driving test. So when the driving test arrives you should make no mistakes at all.

If you have just come to us looking for a one or two hour pretest then we will assess very quickly what you know and then teach you very quickly what you don’t know. We don’t beat around the bush because there’s no time and why would we anyway.

Some driving schools think they’ve all the time in the world to teach their students how to drive but why would you teach this way. You’re in the business for a full driving license and we’re in the business to deliver this to you in the shortest time frame possible. You then pass your driving test on your first attempt, while we get another amazing happy passing student so everyone wins.

We Cover Every Single Area in Dublin

There is no area in Dublin or around Dublin that we don’t cover so don’t think for even a second that we don’t have an instructor near you because we can guarantee you that we do. We now have more driving instructors on our team than any other driving school in Dublin. They are the best there is and they have proven themselves time and time again exactly what they can do so you’re in good hands when you come and learn with us.

What about the Driving Test

The driving test itself is something you will hear lots of bad stories about, from people who have failed that. Talk to any one of our students who learned with us and passed with us and hear exactly what they have to say about the driving test.

They will tell you the same thing your pass my test driving instructor will tell you and that is the driving test is really just like another days driving and you will have no problem in passing it.

Your driving lessons being at the standard they are will ensure your confidence is built up to such a high level that you will know you’re going to pass your driving test.

When you feel like this than there’s no time for nerves. As we tell all our students, nerves only kick in when you’re unsure about a particular thing. There is nothing you are going to be unsure about after your driving lessons with us.

What would be the point in being a driving school if we didn’t teach you all there is to know as unfortunately some other driving schools do?

We’re glad to say not us so when you learn with us you pass with us. Make it your business to get your full license and choose us because it will be the best decision you ever made.